Customer experience design videos

The Progression of Economic Value

Joseph Pine discusses how the commoditization of the products and services consumers used to value is forceing brands to embrace the experience economy.

/ December 19, 2016
How to irritate your customers

The top 3 ways to irritate your callers

(and some ideas on how NOT to do so)

/ October 17, 2016
Measuring customer experience quality

Three ways to measure “experience quality”

(and easy improvement requirement indicators)

/ October 10, 2016
Measuring customer effort. How hard can it be?

Evaluating customer effort. How hard can it be?

The harder something is to do, the less likely it is that it will be successfully completed.

/ October 5, 2016

Patient satisfaction or patient experience?

Customer experience design elements that could be applied to the healthcare industry to improve patient experience

/ April 22, 2016
Built to last

Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

Jim Collins seminal piece uses years of research and hundreds – if not thousands – of data points to get to the bottom of why some companies seem to get decision after decision spot one, leaving the competition in their wake....

/ April 16, 2016
Customer experience books to read

Good to Great

In Built to Last, Jim Collins looked at how some businesses out grow their competition at a seemingly unfair rate by focusing on a long term strategy around a single philosophy. The follow-up, Good to Great, discusses how some of the brands...

/ April 16, 2016
Customer experience books to read

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Nir Eyal argues that products becoming part of their users’ daily routine is not always by chance, and proposes a simple model to ensure new products succeed whether many fail – becoming a irresistible habit!

/ April 16, 2016